There is something so special about a mother-daughter relationship, but when that relationship becomes more than just an everlasting love and turns into a powerful business partnership, you have a serious recipe for success. Joining forces in mid-2014, Frances Gadbois, former designer and co-owner of JudeFrances Jewelry, and daughter, Charlotte, have mixed their love of color and elegant design expertise to create a fresh and vibrant, new luxury jewelry line, loaded with one-of-a-kind stones and signature gold texturing. Frances’ European heritage, architectural inspiration, and design talents make her one of the most intriguing fine jewelry designers in the industry. And now partnered with her daughter, who is also ‘the face’ of the brand, the duo have revolutionized the world of colored jewelry. Frances and Charlotte, or the “Sloane Rangers,” as they call themselves, travel the world in search of rare, luxurious stones to star as the centerpieces of their uniquely classic designs for the three collections that make up the 18k line. With something for everyone, the ‘Classic’, ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Caviar One-of-a-Kind’ collections make up this undeniably elegant brand.

2017 marks the official launch of the beautiful new combination Sterling Silver and 18K Gold collection, with the Sloane Street DNA shining through in each hand-finished piece.


noun | \'stre\a\

:a striped design used especially in textiles that consists of faint streaked vertical lines of color close in tone to the background

Some pieces require more labor than others, like our Classic Collection double strie cuff, which takes two full days just to finish.

Strié is the signature texturized finish that runs throughout all of the Sloane Street collections. The texture is applied to the master mold, and then each piece has to be hand etched by our master jeweler before it is completed.

Utilizing the finest colored gemstones in the world, combined with their elegant design expertise, Sloane Street has made color timeless again.