Custom Design with Frances Gadbois

Despite being both the co-founder and head designer of Gadbois Jewelry, Frances Gadbois somehow still finds great joy in meeting with customers to create custom designs. Her process in these custom design appointments is truly a work of art as she takes customers’ family heirlooms, that were often tucked away in dusty jewelry boxes, and turns them into new creations.

Frances loves the opportunity to meet with all types of people, all across the United States, and share her design process with them. “I find my inspiration from travel, and more specifically European architecture, tapestries, and iron works. I am just enthralled by their uniqueness and symmetry.” When it comes to custom design meetings however, Frances pulls inspiration from the pieces brought to her, and the people who bring them.

When asked about her most memorable custom design, Frances recalled a recent meeting with a woman who brought her prized good luck charms with the hopes of turning them into pieces of art that she can now add to her wardrobe. Frances was surpised when the good luck charms turned out to be two elk teeth. That’s right, elk teeth.

The woman explained to Frances that elk teeth are known for bringing good luck and strength to those who carry them. Frances loved the challenge and ran with it, as she worked with the woman to create something that was unique, timeless, and honored the elk teeth that the woman was so proud of.

“I loved this design because it was so unique. I never thought that I would be working with elk teeth in jewelry, but we worked together to create something beautiful.”